Rangs manufactures boomerangs to suit all ages and levels of throwing ability. From young children, through beginners, to experts, Rangs has the boomerang to suit you.

Are there boomerang for all ages and levels of ability?

Yes, but you need to throw in the right direction of the wind and choose a model that suits your age and throwing ability.

Do Rangs boomerangs really return?

Rangs guarantees that all of our boomerangs will return if thrown according to the instructions provided. But remember, boomerangs are affected by wind, so if it's windy, the boomerangs are likely to be blown away on the return flight.

Do Rangs guarantee their boomerangs to return?

All Rangs Boomerangs are made from 6mm marine-grade Australian plywood, which means they are tough and durable and have a high performance flight. Rangs also makes plastic boomerangs, which are great for children and virtually indestructible.

Do Rangs use the best materials?

No. Boomerangs need to be thrown in the correct direction and if it's windy, this will affect the flight. Boomerang throwing, like all sports, needs practice. But Rangs Boomerangs are designed to work easily and to be suitable for beginners. All Rangs Boomerangs are tested to ensure the best results.

Will my boomerang come back every throw?