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Boomerangs Australia ยป boomerangs in australia

Boomerangs Australia

The Boomerangs Australia is usually of two types. The small boomerang is approximately 12 to 30 inches long. This boomerang once thrown returns towards the thrower and is used in sports. Another type of boomerang is the war boomerang which is about 24 to thirty six inches long. This boomerang Australia is used specially for hunting because it doesn't return once it is thrown.

The native Australian boomerangs are available in attractive colors and aboriginal artwork. They are usually hand painted or carved and also the carvings on them relate to the traditions and legends from the Aborigines culture. They are also used in religious ceremonies by which they are clapped together while singing songs. The place Brisbane is one of the famous places where you can find boomerangs in Australia.


Boomerangs AustraliaBoomerangs AustraliaBoomerangs Australia









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