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Boomerang designs

Aboriginal Boomerang Designs

Among Boomerang designs the list of human inventions, boomerangs are actually the first heavier than air flying machine. Interestingly, the oldest Australian Aboriginal boomerangs are around 10,000 yrs. old. Some builders and church architects in Australia agree that this idea of making boomerangs is much older than the concept of assisted living design came in to place.

Aboriginal Boomerangs are aerodynamically shaped throwing sticks that date back to ancient times and were found in numerous cultures and civilizations. Aboriginal Boomerang designs got the transformation of shape from Australia, but they didn't originate from the same place. As mentioned earlier, their historic traces were found all over the world.

Aboriginal Boomerang Designs

These Brigalow hardwood Rainbow boomerangs are hand painted by Aboriginal Artists.

The boomerangs are properly shaped and, beginning with size 16", could be used for throwing. However, to throw a solid wood boomerang you need to be an experienced thrower to really make it return and to avoid damages to your neighborhood.

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