Troubleshooting Tips

Boomerang Information/Troubleshooting Tips

Please note: These tips relate to right-handed boomerangs. Those throwing left-handed boomerangs will need to mentally reverse/mirror image these instructions.

Correct Flight:

Your boomerang should fly more or less like depicted at right. Some models fly higher with a nice a hover at the end.

correct flight

Lands to your left:

Throw further to the right (relative to the wind). On calm days: throw with reduced layover.

lands left

Flies high then crashes vertically:

Use less outward tilt on launch. Never throw your boomerang sidearm! Hold your boomerang vertically with no layover.
Repeating this throwing error can eventually damage or even break your boomerang.

flies high and crashes

Lands to your right:

Throw further to the left (relative to the wind). On calm days: Throw with more layover.

lands right

Lands in front of you:

Throw with more power and/or spin. Try throwing lower or with a little more tilt.

lands in front

Flies up then swoops, recovers and lands short:

Aim the launch lower — i.e. don’t throw the boomerang up in the air but more towards the horizon.

aim high

Comes back high overhead and hovers away:

Throw with less power or less tilt.

hovers away
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